Welcome to the temporary home of the El Reno TV & Film commission - a historic town that offers a huge variety of filming sites, comfortable accommodations to visitors, and a helpful commission team ready to assist with every step of the filming process. Come see our historic downtown locations and sprawling, film-worthy sunsets, and meet our aspiring film activists. Our diverse community and excellent film panel is able to assist in set design, painting, construction, and props! Watch projects take off and grow! Come bring your story to life with the help of the El Reno TV & Film Commission!

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Steve Maddox


Our Locations

A Wide Range of locations for any filming needs or budget

Historic Downtown

Iconic early 1900's storefronts with working Trolley on rails.

Varying school settings

A large assortment of schools and sports arenas.

Dramatic locations

Many Hidden gems in this small town with a big heart

Beautiful parks and nature

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