El reno tv & film commission

Come see what El Reno has to offer!

Popular locations

Centre Theatre

The Centre Theatre has a long and colorful history in the heart of El Reno.

Painted Alley

This street-art filled alley way is an interesting set!

Lake El Reno

Great for Camping, Fishing, Swimming, Boating, Picnics and more.

The Stack Bar

With an exterior area and a very lovely bar, and a small stage, this could be any small town bar in the nation!

Colonnade Ballroom

The Colonnade Ballroom brings back a nostalgia that lends itself to several scenarios.

Sabra Property

Farm home with barns and arena, plus 50 acres grassland with pond.50+ acres with old barn.

Why Choose El Reno

Oklahoma Film Friendly

The City of El Reno has seen a steady increase in film and television production in recent years. Since 2019, the community has welcomed a number of feature films, including “Thirteen Minutes”, “Stillwater”, “Sorority Sister Killer”, “Impropriety”, “Cheer For Your Life”, “How I Met Your Murderer” and most recently the Lionsgate films “The Unbreakable Boy” and “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story”. Recognizing the value and economic impact of the film and television industry, the City of El Reno has become the first community to be officially certified as “film friendly” by the Oklahoma Film + Music Office (OF+MO) after completing the requirements of the agency’s Oklahoma Film Friendly Community Program.

Eager to welcome filmmakers

A historic town that offers a huge variety of filming sites, comfortable accommodations to visitors, and a helpful commission team ready to assist with every step of the filming process. Come see our historic downtown locations and sprawling, film-worthy sunsets, and meet our aspiring film activists. Our diverse community and excellent film panel is able to assist in production! Watch projects take off and grow! Come bring your story to life with the help of the El Reno TV & Film Commission!

Unique and Varying Locations

From runways to a trolley on rails, this town has more options in location than initially, meets the eye. “El Reno has an amazingly scenic backdrop,” said El Reno Mayor Matt White. “When you combine that with our history city properties available for filming, we feel taking this next step just makes sense and will help us build an economically advantageous industry for our citizens.” 

Location Spotlight

N Hoff House
This small two bedroom house comes with a small porch, a bedroom/office with French doors and a large backyard. This location also has several restored and original antiques and unique shot locations.


"El Reno has an amazingly scenic backdrop, When you combine that with our history and assets, like the hospital and other city properties available for filming, we feel taking this next step just makes sense and will help us build an economically advantageous industry for our citizens."
Matt White
"We felt like we were nearing a pivotal time in our city’s history and augmenting our economic diversity with a new sustainable industry just made sense for our community, It also helps that we are lucky enough to have an enthusiastic liaison in Steve Maddox – whose wife asked him to get a ‘hobby’, which turned into a passion for the movie industry. And now we have a dynamic group of individuals at the ERTVFC looking to further the film industry here in town."
Matt Sandidge
City Manager