These locations are sure to wow your audience

This Relatively small town comes with so much more than meets the eye! Here are a few of our favorite locations!


#10 Jenks Simmons Field House

Starting us out, we have the Sports heart of this town! 

The Field House started as an old National Guard Armory, that has evolved over the years while still maintaining its original historical shape.

The Large arena is home to the local high school’s basketball team.  We do have special floor coverings for other events along with an extensive catwalk system.  The seating in the arena, is reminiscent of past times and holds the history from years gone by especially in the seating which is steep and tall.

Along with basketball, we also house our wrestling team.  And host the state powerlifting tournament.

The field house has also hosted graduations, luncheons as well as United Way functions.


#9 Colonnade Ballroom

We have this wonderful and historic Ballroom at number 9.

The Colonnade Ballroom brings back a nostalgia that lends itself to several scenarios.  The entire building was brought to El Reno from the Chicago World Fair where it was reassembled in its current location.


#8 Lake El Reno

At Number 8 we have Lake El Reno;

Great for Camping, Fishing, Swimming, Boating, Picnics and more.
The RV park provides full hook-ups and a community restroom.

Lake El Reno has two large boat docks and a designated personal watercraft ski area.

The El Reno Lake Facility is a public building that provides casual dining and a pro shop for the adjacent Crimson Creek Golf Club.


#7 Train Yards

Number 7 is the El Reno Train yards and Grain Towers.

The grain towers here serve to make up this town’s skyline. towering over the surrounding landscape.  These industrial behemoths, surrounding train yard and supporting buildings make for some interesting possibilities.


#6 “New” Lincoln

Due to this location’s versatility, we put it at #6 

This Elementary school features many locations that can be used for a number of school settings.

This school is made of two “pods” of classrooms, connected to a gym and auditorium/lunchroom through a large open hallway, affectionally referred to as the never ending hallway due to it’s length.  



#5 Darlington Chapel

At Number 5, built in 1913, the beautiful Chapel is located just North of El Reno on the Redlands Community College Darlington property, right off of Hwy 81.  The Chapel is versatile for a variety of styles from elegant evening affairs to an intimate afternoon shabby chic ceremony.


#4 The Hospital 

At Number 4 we have the Hospital that served this community for decades.

City owned, the hospital is a perfect location for a multitude of scenarios. From movies to series, the hospital is a valuable location.
room, rehabilitation wards, waiting rooms and plenty of unused equipment.

Largely unused, this hospital offers many great locations including hospital rooms, rehabilitation wards, waiting rooms and plenty of unused equipment.
Frankly, with the lights off, it’s creepy, but lights on brings out the warmth and caring that this hospital has seen for many decades.


#3 Museum

Due to the amount of different historic buildings and locations, This location gets our number 3 spot!

The Restored Railroad depot sitting on the historic 98th Meridian, with historic exhibits and several historic buildings. The Museum is located in the old Rock Island Depot, listed in the National Register of Historic Places which was acquired by the Canadian County Historical Society for use as a museum. The museum grounds have a number of historic buildings and also General Sheridan’s cabin, the oldest standing structure in Canadian County.


#2 Centre Theatre 

Coming in at number 2, is the beautiful Centre Theatre!

The Centre Theatre is listed on the League of Historic American Theaters with a nostalgia that is mostly lost in today’s day and age.

The Centre Theatre has a long and colorful history in the heart of El Reno. The theater opened in the 1940s and changed hands several times. In the past it has been known as Tiffany’s and the Cinema Theatre. 

Now it has been lovingly restored by the city of El Reno and opened to the public. In addition to showing films, the Centre Theatre also hosts concerts and performances with seating for up to 400 people.


#1 Downtown El Reno

And at number one is Downtown El Reno

The Historic heart of El Reno! Many of these buildings have a lot of character and showcase classic American architecture with many turn of the century buildings!