Centre Theatre

The Centre Theatre has a long and colorful history in the heart of El Reno. The theater opened in the 1940s and changed hands several times. In the past it has been known as Tiffany’s and the Cinema Theatre.

Painted Alley

Featuring many local artists, this alleyway showcases unique and interesting art works!

Lake El Reno

The RV park provides full hook-ups and a community restroom. Lake El Reno has two large boat docks and a designated personal watercraft ski area. The El Reno Lake Facility is a public building that provides casual dining and a pro shop for the adjacent Crimson Creek Golf Club. Route 66 Multisport Festival The Route […]

The Stack Bar

Not actually in El Reno, but in the neighboring small town of Calumet, this bar is one of the last standing historic buildings in the area.

Colonnade Ballroom

The entire building was brought to El Reno from the Chicago World Fair where it was reassembled in its current location. Ballroom The grand entrance leads directly to the ballroom with elegant pillars which frame the ballroom’s grand staircase. With large seating areas, a stage, dance floor along with a caterer’s kitchen and dressing room, […]

Sabra Property

This Property also has many other assets, several barns, a box-car, several beautiful bedrooms, and even a rodeo awards room. It is situated just to the north of town and is readily accessible. There are pastures and prairie land stretching for a few dozen acres. One of the homes on this property is a log […]

420 Bar

Originally built in old Reno City, this location was loaded up on a train in 1890 and moved south a few miles where it stands today. This unique location features a pool table, a newly restored and renovated bar-room. a large outside area and many original features.

N Hoff House

This small two bedroom house comes with a small porch, a bedroom/office with French doors and a large backyard. This location also has several restored and original antiques and unique shot locations.

Train Yards

The grain towers here serve to make up this town’s skyline. towering over the surrounding landscape, these industrial behemoths and the surrounding train yard and supporting building may make for some interesting atmosphere!

Jeff Mills STEM Center

The newest addition to the El Reno school campus is the Jeff Mills STEM Center. This building hosts many science labs and several classrooms as well as a cafeteria.