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The Museum

Museum Area This location offers several Historic locations including the Train Station, The first American Red Cross hut, and the oldest hotel in El Reno.

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Sabra Property

Sabra Property This Property also has many other assets, several barns, a box-car, several beautiful bedrooms, and even a rodeo awards room. It is situated

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Jink Simmons Field House

Jink Simmons Field House The Field House started as an old National Guard Armory, that has evolved over the years while still maintaining its original

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El Reno Highschool

El Reno Highschool El Reno High School was established in 1893 and graduated its first class in 1896. The present building was built in two

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Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium The Memorial Stadium, home to several of the local sports team, this location offers locker rooms, stands, a weight room and a full

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Lincoln Elementary

Lincoln Elementary Many Locations This school is made of two “pods” of classrooms, connected to a gym and auditorium/lunchroom through a large open hallway, affectionally

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Jeff Mills STEM Center

Jeff Mills STEM Center The newest addition to the El Reno school campus is the Jeff Mills STEM Center, Featuring a large and open atrium

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Darlington Chapel

Darlington Chapel Built in 1913, the beautiful Chapel is located just North of El Reno on the Redlands Community College Darlington property, right off of

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Williams Home

Williams Home This truly elegant brick Italianate was built in 1935 during the heart of the depression by Herman Oswald Merveldt, a contractor specializing in

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Client Testimonials

"El Reno has an amazingly scenic backdrop, When you combine that with our history and assets, like the hospital and other city properties available for filming, we feel taking this next step just makes sense and will help us build an economically advantageous industry for our citizens."
Matt White
"We felt like we were nearing a pivotal time in our city’s history and augmenting our economic diversity with a new sustainable industry just made sense for our community, It also helps that we are lucky enough to have an enthusiastic liaison in Steve Maddox – whose wife asked him to get a ‘hobby’, which turned into a passion for the movie industry. And now we have a dynamic group of individuals at the ERTVFC looking to further the film industry here in town."
Matt Sandidge
City Manager