Canadian County Museum

Restored Railroad depot sitting on the historic 98th Meridian, with historic exhibits and several historic buildings.The Museum is located in the old Rock Island Depot, listed in the National Register of Historic Places which was acquired by the Canadian County Historical Society for use as a museum. The museum grounds have a number of historic buildings and also General Sheridan’s cabin, the oldest standing structure in Canadian County.

Hotel “El Reno”

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

A 1892 Old West hotel. It was built by John Kossuth in 1892, just three years after El Reno was founded. It is a typical two-story frame structure of its time with a “gingerbread porch” and all. It was located on Wade and Choctaw, it received its last guest in 1974. It has been restored and moved to the nearby Canadian County Museum. It installed indoor plumbing in 1905, eliminating the chamber-pot. Electricity was installed shortly after and a dining room was added in 1910.It was located on the main crossing in town next to to the interurban streetcar to Oklahoma City).

The restored building has ten rooms with exhibits on El Reno’s history.

Original Depot

The original depot now houses the Canadian County Historical Society’s museum.  Built in 1907 on the railroad tracks that ran along the western boundary of the Unassigned Lands that led to El Reno’s settlement in 1889, it served as a passenger and freight terminal for the junction of the east–west and north–south lines of the Rock Island Railroad.


Mennoville Mennonite Church

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

Originally located north of town, on US highway 81 (Original site map and Street View), it was moved to the Heritage Square in the town of El Reno in 1997. (Current location Street View).

 Built in 1893 it is the oldest building of the Mennonite Faith in Oklahoma. The Mennonites moved from Berne Indiana to the new territory to provide missionaries for the area.

Red Cross Canteen

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, This log building was erected in 1917 and restored in 1975. It is on the museum grounds in central El Reno. It was constructed by volunteers and it was used by the American Red Cross to provide comfort, food and drink to the U.S. soldiers who were heading to World War I in Europe.


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