Colonnade Ballroom

At a glance

  • Historic construction
  • Hardwood Ballroom
  • Grand Staircase
  • Basement bar
  • Billiards Room

About this location

The entire building was brought to El Reno from the Chicago World Fair where it was reassembled in its current location. Ballroom The grand entrance leads directly to the ballroom with elegant pillars which frame the ballroom’s grand staircase. With large seating areas, a stage, dance floor along with a caterer’s kitchen and dressing room, this space is only limited by your imagination. Basement Another grand staircase leads from the ballroom to the basement which houses the Elks Lodge bar and dinner lounge, full industrial kitchen, billiards/game room along with a poker room. Third Floor The third floor is mostly used for storage but has a full bar straight from the 70s. This floor could offer a treasure trove of possibilities.